• Like an angel

    Like an angel

    In this bad world

    I dream to fly

    But an human can't it

    Well, why I feel that...

    ...See you gives me wings

    Why have you taken my heart?

    Why don't you want give me it?

    Why see I just You?

    Why are you perfect?


    Give me your heart

    Give me your love

    Give me a kiss

    Or leave me alone


    All the time

    I think of you

    I draw you

    I can't stop loving you


    When I have wings

    You will be the first

    To fly with me

    For escape to this world

    And life like angels


    But it's impossible

    But it's a simple dream

    And therefore, I still dream

    I'll dream always


    Because a dream is a dream...

    Bon, c'est pas super-super comme vous pouvez le constater mais... manque d'inspiration (Heeelp mee) Enfin, bref, j'en ferais des meilleures *^^*

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    Vendredi 22 Mars 2013 à 22:13

    tres joli moi je trouve sa super,bravo ^^ 

    Vendredi 22 Mars 2013 à 22:13

    Thanks Yu (<= Total in English xD)

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